In the new globalized world, efforts to follow-up the developments in foreign countries are increasing day by day. Companies, students, businessmen, doctors, engineers and universities in many countries of the world arrive in the United States of America to witness such developments in place, to meet new people and develop their relations.

The first Tripalla trip took place ten years ago, and over the years, we have gained a tremendous amount of experience to provide the best service to the people who are coming from over 40 different countries all around the world.

A great deal has changed over the intervening ten years. Therefore Tripalla, too, has changed. Throughout the years, we have taken different concepts and merge them to offer the most exciting and customizable programs.

Tripalla Travel, with its headquarters in the United States, contributes to life by providing education tours, business tours and vacation tours that can be fully customized by you. Once you know where and how to travel, as Tripalla Travel, we provide the rest.


Nowadays, most people are traveling for educational purposes. As Tripalla Education, we offer educational tours to everyone who would like to experience what education means in the United States. Some of these are;

  • NASA Camps
  • Life-Changing College Counseling Trips
  • SAT Prep Courses
  • ESL Language Camps
  • K-12
  • High School and College Competitions
  • College Counseling
  • Active Sport Camps
  • NBA Camps


Information was and always will be the most important keystone for the business. As the world gets more globalized, the network between the businesses and people became a second keystone.

Tripalla offers B2B meetings and countless of expo/fair visits while you are experiencing the most beautiful places of the United States. Also, as the biggest difference, we provide customized business tours as well based upon your request.


Besides the entertainment and fun, Tripalla Travel also provides authenticity and sincerity during your trip. We know that everyone’s expectations differ from one to another and as Tripalla we design all the details of the tours with you to meet your expectations.

We are working with 5 continents and 41 different countries and you get to choose travel wherever you want, and we provide the best opportunity as customizing the tour however you want. Travel’s most immersive experience for food lovers, history buffs, families and everyone in-between.

All in all, as Tripalla, we are offering something that you have not experienced before.