1. Knowing college counselor
  2. Strength exploration
  3. Career exploration
  4. Subject exploration
  5. University exploration
  6. College essay
  7. Create a university shortlist
  8. Narrow down the list
  9. Knowing the deadlines and arranging the required documents 


More Detailed Way of looking at the whole application process.

  1. Online searching
  2. Walk in research
  3. Requirements
  4. A Passport
  5. Language Proficiency
  6. Transcript and Certificates
  7. Bank Statement and Bank Account
  8. Recommendation Letters
  9. Financial Affidavit and Support


  • Letter of purpose – College Essay
  • Application Form
  • Application and Registration Fee
  • Deadlines
  • Contacting the Admission offices or Designated School official
  • Send the Application
  • Receive your Admission Package



  • We start our counseling program in grade 9. At this point, we create general awareness about who the counselor is, and what the counselor does, how to access the counselor. Through our college counseling sessions, students will understand and prepare long-term planning, both academic and personal/social. Throughout the students’ journey from grade 9 to grade 12, there are definite stages that each student must go through.



  • The first level is Strength exploration. At this stage, we urge students to find out their strengths and areas of development as everyone has advantages. Typically, as the students get to know more about their natural talents, skills, abilities, and personal accomplishments will bring the students one step closer to choosing a major as we recommend our students to choose a major that they can use their strengths. However, it is not limited to this; based on the students’ vision with the help of the right guidance and support, students can either develop, improve or acquire necessary skills throughout their high school years. This process also has five subsections; Discovery, exploration, development, skill acquisition, and application. Please visit the college counseling web page to find more about this.



  • The second phase is the career exploration phase. At this point, we help students to discover and explore the career paths which match their personality, skills, and interests. We use some online tools such as so that the students plan more fulfilling lives by making well-informed decisions about their education and careers.
  • Whether students are deciding on what college to go to, choosing a major, planning ahead for their first career, or thinking about making a career change, and USAC subject guide can help them explore options and bring clarity and insight into figuring out what’s right for them. 100% independent and unbiased, and UCAS subject guides can provide them the truth about colleges, careers, and majors.



  • The next stage is subject exploration to find out what DP subjects are essential for particular undergraduate degrees.
  • For example, students need to choose Chemistry HL, Biology HL, Language A HL to study medicine, All Variants are suitable for business. However, we suggest Maths HL, Language A HL, Business HL as well as economics for those who want to study business in higher education. For those students who want to study law, we suggest students to take Language A HL, ESS HL as well as we suggest Physics HL, Chemistry HL, Maths HL for engineering.
  • However, this brief list should not create any misconception about modern subjects such as Visual Arts, Design Tech, ESS, Psychology, Business Management as taking none of the modern subjects may limit students’ application choices. Besides, we also help our students to understand the subject selection is complex since the course requirements can and do vary between universities and between faculties within universities, some courses do not require certain combinations. That is the reason why we help our students to do some research and compare the university requirements. If you would like to get more information, please visit the college counseling website.





  • The fifth stage is the College essay, which is a real challenge for every student. Therefore, we maximize our help and guidance for our students by pointing out the right resources and annotated exemplars so that they can easily reach their personal best and gain extensive experience. Some of the books that we suggest are 50 Successful Ivy League Application Essays Fourth Edition , The Ultimate UCAS Personal Statement Guide , and College Essay Essentials. More than that the college counseling office directly involves with college essays and do the analysis of their college essays with students to improve their essay writing skills.



  • The following level is to create a university shortlist. This stage is also very arduous and time-consuming. However, it is one of the most critical stages of the process. After the students, the family and the college counselor create a shortlist which makes the seventh layer of the entire process. At this stage, students can change their ideas about the universities based on the new findings such as a hidden tuition fee, absence of any scholarship opportunity or even a due to a political change in a particular country might affect the families decision about their educational investment as a result they can ignore some of the universities. Completion this stage enables us to move to the next level, which helps us to create the final list so the family, college counselor, as well as the student, then narrow down the list into 8 universities (max).
  • When we are approaching towards the end in the process before the last stage is very demanding. In this stage, the students should be very careful about the application deadlines, preparing as well as submitting the required documents and prepare themselves mentally and emotionally for the interview, which might not be applicable for some universities. Therefore, during that stage, the college counseling office, students, and parents work together to support our students.
  • Finally, offers and acceptances. This final stage is the most rewarding part of the whole process as the hard work pays off.
  • To make all these happen, we all must remain focused on the task at hand, remember to approach this process with realistic expectations and an open mind.
  • This venture is a partnership in which each of us plays a vital role. That is the reason why each layer is critical; We hope that college counseling program as a whole will help you better understand your roles in this process and the philosophy of college counseling.
  • You will be an active participant in this process. Our door is always open. We welcome your enthusiasm and even your anxiety. We need to always remember that ‘the time that you spent with the college counselor will help lay the foundation for the rest of your life’.
  • All in all, Regular communication between students, parents, and college counselor is the key to a positive and rewarding college admissions process.